How to Give Your Home an Exterior Facelift

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house or just want to make a good first impression, giving the exterior of your home some attention is a great idea. You can change the look and curb appeal of your home by giving it an exterior facelift. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are […]

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Beautiful Old House in excellent condition

Are There Hidden Issues in Your Older Home?

Older homes can have charm and character that isn’t seen in new homes. They can also have many hidden issues. Many great features are found in older homes but just keep in mind, it will likely need to be remodeled before long. The process can come with some twists and turns, and you’re bound to […]

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Kitchen Layouts for Large Families

The kitchen is more than a space to cook and eat; it is the heart of the home. The kitchen is a place to socialize and spend time together while cooking or nibbling on snacks.  But, what if you have a large family, and your kitchen does not have enough space to accommodate everyone? If […]

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Outdoor livingroom for Needham, MA

Outdoor Living – Bring the Indoors Out

You’ve heard about bringing the outdoors in, the trend where you open your home to the outdoors. But what about doing the opposite? Outdoor living has become more and more popular in the last few years, especially in Needham, and design and technology have evolved to permit otherwise indoor activities to be done in outdoor […]

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Find out more about mudrooms from Tibma Design/Build

Home Organization Starts in the Mudroom

In today’s busy world, an organized home is a must. You might be surprised, though, to learn that home organization often starts in the mudroom. They usually contain racks for shoes, hooks for backpacks and coats, and extra storage for everything else. The best part, these spaces can be stylish while also efficient. They are […]

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Why Design/Build is Truly the Best Way to Remodel

When you look for a remodeling company in Needham, you may be wondering about that “Design/Build” in our name and why it matters to you. Simply put, at Tibma Design/Build we believe the design/build model is the best way to remodel your home. It offers several advantages to you from a quicker, more efficient process […]

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How To Light Up A Dark Kitchen – Lighting Recommendations

Most homes are not built with enough lighting for everyday life. Inadequate lighting is one of the most common problems we have to address in a kitchen remodel. Lighting is one of the top three most important features in a kitchen. A properly lit kitchen should have three types of light: ambient, accent and task. […]

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living room open to kitchen

How To Define Space In An Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Tibma Design/Build has worked with hundreds of Needham homeowners to take their house and make it the perfect home for them. Whether it’s creating an open floor plan for your kitchen, finding new ways to use your space or giving it a much-needed update, Tibma Design/Build has the experience and knowledge to remodel your home. […]

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Thinking Home Addition? Re-engineer Your Space

Building an addition is a wonderful way to increase living space in your home, but it is not an option in every situation. Sometimes you need to stay within your home’s existing footprint when you remodel. It takes a lot of ingenuity and expertise to expand your living space in cases like this. Tibma Design/Build specializes […]

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Increase Storage in Every Room of Your Home

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is lack of storage space. What many don’t realize is that even the smallest homes can double their storage space with some simple but creative modifications. Here are some ideas to consider incorporating into your home: Increase Kitchen Storage Blind corner cabinet pull-outs and built-in trash […]

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