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Thinking Home Addition? Consider Re-engineering Your Space

Building an addition is a wonderful way to increase living space in your home, but it is not an option in every situation. Sometimes you need to stay within your home’s existing footprint when you remodel. It takes a lot of ingenuity and expertise to expand your living space in cases like this. Tibma Design/Build specializes […]

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Ways to Create Storage in an Open Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Project by Tibma Design/Build When remodeling your kitchen for an open floor plan, it is important to use all storage space as efficiently as possible. Open kitchens are a big trend today that helps bring your family together. Tearing down the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room is a remodeling project that […]

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Tibma Design/Build Kitchen Storage Remodeling in Needham

The Best Kitchen Storage & Workflow for a Needham Home Remodel

Our clients’ kitchen storage and workflow was lacking. They called Tibma Design/Build to create a space that met all their needs. John and Darlene love the home they’ve lived in for 34 years, but recently their kitchen and laundry room needed updating. With both passionate about cooking, they were motivated to create their own gourmet kitchen. It […]

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Induction vs Gas: The Cooktop Showdown

The hot debate continues between homeowners who love induction cooktops and those who prefer gas. Each appliance has its pros and cons—which is the best choice for you? We suggest you take the following points into consideration before you make a purchase for your new kitchen. Induction Cooktops An induction cooktop has under surface coils […]

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An Open Kitchen Brings Family Together in Needham

Rob and Sandy White’s Victorian era home was blessed with a generous amount of space, but there was never a logical layout of the rooms. As things stood, the family was usually separated, with some members in the family room and others in the kitchen. When they contacted Tibma Design/Build to work with them, we […]

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