Why Needham Is a Great Place for Families

  • Dan Tibma
  • 11 Oct 2016

Growing families love calling Needham home. There are many reasons why!

Many of our clients wish to remodel their homes to provide more space and updated amenities for their growing families. They want to stay in our wonderful Needham neighborhood rather than buy a new home in another area. These families love Needham’s outstanding public school system and they energetically participate in their kids’ school activities and sports. They enjoy our delightful restaurants and shops and don’t want to move.

In addition, families will sometimes relocate to Needham from their residences in downtown Boston because they desire to live in a quiet, safe, family-friendly neighborhood like ours. Families are willing to leave behind the perks of city living in exchange for our large backyards with mature trees, our sidewalks and nice walkable town center.

Needham's Town Center
Needham’s Town Center

People often choose to move to Needham when a family member experiences a job transfer to Boston from another state. They learn how easy it is to make lasting friendships here with other families with children. Being so close to the commuter rail means the new residents have access to their jobs downtown, as well as to Boston’s wonderful museums, cultural opportunities, and excellent medical facilities.

But one problem families often encounter in Needham is how to deal with the layout of their older homes.

It is close to impossible to find an older home that provides the kind of storage needs most families require. The families feel cramped, they can’t seem to stay organized, and their belongings are flung everywhere. They experience this pain and irritation on a daily basis.

oct16-bathroomThat’s where we come in. Tibma Design/Build has been helping Needham homeowners remodel their older homes for over twenty years. We are that company you have been wanting to work with that has the expertise to skillfully re-engineer the layout of your older home according to your needs and your vision. We know older homes and love bringing out the best in them.

For an example, take a look at the kitchen and bathroom transformation we completed recently for a client who moved from downtown Boston into one of our older Needham homes.

Tibma Design/Build can give you the space you need and that new home feel without changing your Needham address or your kid’s top-notch school district. We would welcome a chance to look at the possibilities in your home. Contact us via our website or call (781) 453-0414.