3 Reasons to Stay in the Needham Neighborhood You Love

  • Dan Tibma
  • 14 Sep 2016
Family Kitchen Remodel to remain in their Needham neighborhood

Working with Tibma Design/Build gave the Shea family everything they desired in order to stay in their Needham home.

One of the biggest reasons our clients decide to improve their existing homes is they love their Needham neighborhood and the amenities it offers.

Our Needham community is a great place to bring up kids. We have wonderful schools, low taxes and a thriving retail scene. In fact, Needham ranks #25 out of 100 in 2016’s Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Massachusetts.  If you don’t want to move, Tibma Design/Build can transform your Needham home to fit your growing family perfectly.

The beloved Needham School District is a wonderful place for children to grow up. This is one of the many reasons families are choosing to remodel their homes instead of moving.

A major decision you may be considering is whether to move or improve your home. With a growing family, your house may feel like it’s bulging at the beams due to overcrowding. You would like a larger home with more of the modern conveniences. At the same time you love your friendly Needham neighborhood and do not want to leave. You want to keep your children together with their current group of friends in our wonderful school district. Through your involvement in the PTA or the school sports programs you have gotten to know the other parents and you enjoy their friendship as well. Ask yourself, would moving mean that your children would have to change schools?

A family’s ties to the community, as well as their proximity to schools, local services, churches and places of employment are all factors they consider. Would moving create more of a commute to work? By improving instead of moving, a family can avoid disrupting these important connections.

Finances are also an influential part of the move vs. improve decision.

Many people who may be reluctant or unable to finance a full scale relocation often have sufficient savings or home equity available to change their current home into their dream home. One of the biggest attractions of remodeling is that the money spent on moving expenses, closing costs and an agent’s commission will not be required. The worry of selling your current home is also avoided by remodeling. In fact, remodeling can often increase the future resale value of your home, especially if the improvements increase living space. The biggest resale returns generally come from improvements that bring the house up to the value of other homes in your same Needham neighborhood. Remember, however, you are doing this for the enjoyment of the improvements, not just for the amount you can recoup if you eventually sell.

Remodeling can take the same selling points that make new construction so appealing and bring them into your existing home in Needham.

Another aspect of the move vs. improve consideration is the lure of those new homes that are being built in other parts of town. All those great ideas and innovations you see at an Open House or on a realtor’s website can be very enticing. Can you have the same features built into your existing home that you are looking for in a new home—such as increased space or a more functional floor plan?

A talented design/build remodeler like Dan Tibma can reconfigure your current space and open it up or suggest an addition, giving your home a new lease on life. A design/build remodeler with many years of experience will be able to conceptualize the engineering involved. He knows how older homes are put together and what can and cannot be changed about their construction. You will be able to enjoy the improved functionality and amenities that you might have considered moving in order to obtain.

Tibma Design/Build worked to re-engineer the Shea family’s home to provide space and functionality for their needs.

sept16-mudroomThe way the space was organized in our client’s home lacked functionality and good traffic flow. Walls divided the space into several small rooms, and our client felt there was no place large enough for the family to get together. The kitchen was closed off and its cabinetry was illogically arranged. With a growing family, these factors were really interrupting the Shea family’s daily life. Even though they loved everything about the Needham area they lived in, the way their house was broken up just wasn’t working for them.

“When I considered remodeling my home I was concerned about the time factor, as well as staying within my budget. But also I was uneasy about what the remodelers might find once everything was opened up—would it be worse than I thought?

I was just amazed at the extent of work that was accomplished in the first week of construction. And the area was kept clean throughout the remodeling process. Dan was very thoughtful. That made the experience so much better than I ever imagined.” —The Shea Family, Needham, MA

The greatly expanded kitchen now provides three separate meal prep areas, plus a roomy island that easily seats three or more. Several cooks may access the refrigerator without getting into one another’s work zones. A 24 inch wide pantry cabinet offers five roll-out shelves that hold all pantry essentials, plus sufficient room for large platters. All this, and yet the kitchen still includes space for a traditional dining table that accommodates six people. Re-engineering the Shea family’s home offers the space to spend time together and allows them to stay in the Needham neighborhood they love. See the before and after photos of this beautiful project on Houzz.

If you would like more information on re-engineering your home, please visit our website. Tibma Design/Build can give you the space you need and that new home feel without changing your Needham address. We would welcome a chance to look at the possibilities in your home.